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Texas Safe & Lock Services - Need Safe Services?

If you are in need of a new safe; you have come to the right place. Texas Safe & Lock can help you with all your safe and lock needs. If you are really not sure where to start here are some guidelines you can follow to find the best safe for your particular needs. First determine if you will begin with a home, business, or safe for storage purposes. Once you have determined the where, the next thing you must do is know where to place it, and how much room you will have. Take a tape measure to it, height, width and depth will be important for egress purposes.

Protection is the number one place to begin. When considering a safe, there are three main things you want to protect your items from — fire, water, and theft. Whether you live somewhere that is prone to flooding or you’re worried about a break-in, be sure to select a safe that offers the types of protection most appropriate to your needs. How large are these items, and apply the measurements you have taken to determine companies that make safes you want to consider.

Lock Style is also very important. Do you want to have to perform maintenance on this safe? Mechanical locks require periodic maintenance, whereas electronic locks typically don’t. You’ll get the highest level of protection from redundant locks—two different kinds of locks on the same safe. If you are unsure about mechanical locks verses electronic locks then be sure to make notes with additional questions so we can talk about that when you call.

Safe Size is a big deal, and based on need for what will be in the safe will pretty much determine what to buy. The more documents and valuables you’d like to protect, the larger the safe needs to be. Before purchasing your safe, gather everything you’re planning on putting in there. See how much space you’ll need for those items. This is a great gauge for minimum safe sizing, as you’ll also likely add things to the safe as time passes.

Portability is a big deal. Do you have a safe mover? If not Texas Safe and Lock can help you relocate your new safe with a simple call which can make an appointment to get it done. Home safes come in portable, wall-mounted, and anchored varieties. A recent "U.S. News & World Report" article strongly cautions against portable safes because they’re easily moved, making them more susceptible to theft.

Budget is determined by you for the most part. While you may begin the process with a specific thing in mind, as you learn more you may change your mind. When choosing your safe, you want to go with the most protection you can afford. Remember that you are making this investment to help protect some of your most valuable items, so it’s important to choose a safe that will get the job done. Also, when you don’t go with the lowest grade safe, it’ll be something you can use for years to come. Remember also that there are quite a variety of types of safes out there for your consideration. Safes designed for gun protection, fire resistance, tamper-proofing, and more are worth taking the time to review. First, determine what you need to protect.

Whether you are interested in a new safe, reconditioned safe, safe moving, safe repair, or any of our other products or services for home or office safes, here at Texas Safe & Lock your Dallas locksmith, we are here to assist you. Our staff will supply you with all the necessary information to make certain that your new safe meets all your unique specifications and security applications.

For over 35 years we understand that our success in the safe & vault industry is the direct result of our dedication to our customers, our knowledge of the safe industry, and our commitment to providing the best safe service possible.

Texas Safe & Lock is one of the most progressive, reputable and professional locksmith companies in the Dallas/Forth Worth area. With a wide variety of services ranging from Residential, Commercial, Safes & Vaults, Automotive and 24 hour emergency locksmith service, Texas Safe & Lock is able to cover every safe services needs you may have. Call us right now to discuss your locksmith and safe needs 569-467-7233.