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Texas Safe & Lock - Amsec Drop Double Door Deposit Safe

Today we live in world that can't wait in purchasing security products in a variety of forms. The past history of our nation as far as security is concerned, has changed. We have all become more conscience of the need for special products to be put in place to prevent home invation, business robbery, and online purchases and hacking. We no longer have the luxury of waiting to put things in place that deter crime. Security has so many meanings, but in the industry of safes and locks, a time delay locks could make the difference between a robbery taking place and not. We are talking about time delay combination locks for your home or business and other varieties of safe options.

Time Delay Locks:

We understand that a time-delay combination lock is most commonly a digital, electronic combination lock in the market out there. Various manufacturers present state of the art locks and safes that com equipped with a delay timer that delays the unlocking of the lock by a user definable delay period. These can usually be less than one hour.

Unlike the time lock, which unlocks at a preset time (as in the case of a bank vault),  a time-delay locks operate each time the safe is unlocked. The operator must wait for the set delay period to elapse before the lock can be opened. These types of time delay safes are most commonly used in businesses with high cash transactions like pharmacies, pawn shops, convenience stores, and banks in highly visable public locations and the like. They can also be used in banks like Nationwide, HSBC and Halifax.

In the world of security, a time-delay combination lock is frequently incorporated into money safes as an armed robbery deterrent. Time-delay combination locks are also equipped with a duress code which may be entered to activate the time delay whilst sending a silent alarm to a monitoring centre.

Form and function of a modern time delay combination lock has many uses such as multiple different codes, pre-set time lock settings (open and close times), pre-set vacation times (e.g. Christmas Day), dual code facility, and a full audit trail providing a detailed record of the lock history showing who opened the lock, when and how long it was open.

These products also use a non-volatile memory so that no information is lost if the batteries go flat. This will allow the safe to be opened when the batteries are changed after the pre-set time if the correct code is entered. Some electronic combination locks with a time-delay feature require the code to be entered twice: once to start the timer, and a second to unlock and open the safe entered after the delay period has expired.

Focus On Business Safes

As a business owner, you need to be concerned about keeping the bad guys out right? If you have multiple stores or locations it represents a significant budget item on your expenses to make sure deterrents are in place and are doing the job. Some manufacturers of safes do offer quantity discounts, but more important is you determining what products will fit your exact needs. Texas Safe & Lock can help you properly evaluate and then choose the proper safe for your business and even help you save money. There are many varities out there in today's market.

Cash Boxes, Cash Dispensing Safes, Coin & Currency Counters, Custom Safes Depository Safes, Fire File Cabinets, Hotel Safes, Pharmacy Safes, Safe Deposit Boxes, Teller Lockers, and Under Counter Safes are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Texas Safe & Lock has a variety of security solutions for your business. No matter if it is a restaurant, retail establishment or even a pharmacy, if you own a business you need to protect your assets.

Threats of burglary, robbery and even internal theft mean if you don't plan ahead these events are likely to happen to you. This is why Texas Safe & Lock has a large selection of safes for your business. Our business safes include cash boxes, depository safes, fire file cabinets, hotel safes, pharmacy safes, safe deposit boxes, teller lockers and under counter safes. And we can even build a custom safe if our standard safes do not fit your needs. We also offer cash dispensing safes and coin & currency counters for those that need to dispense or count currency.

Texas Safe & Lock has a large selection of new and used high-security safes as well for the home and business environment on display. We invite you to come in to the showroom where the experienced staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right safe for your particular needs. At Texas Safe & Lock, you can see a full range of safes and review their unique features. Learn the difference between mechanical and electronic access, fire and burglary ratings, and bolt down options. Selection from industry professionals like Gardall, Amsec and Meilink are just the products you have been looking for.

Once you have chosen your safe, Texas Safe & Lock will be happy to deliver and install your safe in the Dallas/Fort Worth area Texas Safe & Lock sells new and used floor safes as well as cash safes. Call us today 469-467-7233

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