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American Lock When It Matters

Texas Safe & Lock - Offers American Commercial LocksDo you know about products that can be customized to meet your specific lock needs. Protecting commercial buildings, industrial plants and perimeters, remote or unattended equipment, office trailers and sheds.

Choosing the best lock depends on your specific application. The next thing you must know is how do you know which lock to choose. Texas Safe & Lock is here to help you in making the best product decisions based on all your lock needs.

Customize With American Lock Products:

You can feel safe with your first choice: American Lock. ALL American padlocks are strong and secure. However, the specific lock you choose will be dependent on your application, the environment in which you will be using the lock, and the fit you need before you decide on a specific solution. We invite you to keep in mind that American Lock products can be customized to meet your specific needs. American Lock’s make-to-order capabilities allow us to create tailored security solutions for your applications.

Choose Choice Options:  

  • Lock materials
  • Lock body sizes and shapes
  • Shackle lengths and materials
  • Keying options
  • Custom marking

Consider Solid Steel Padlocks:

American Lock solid steel padlocks offer the highest protection and are best for protecting commercial buildings, industrial plants and perimeters, remote or unattended properties and high risk areas. American Lock products like solid steel padlocks are the strongest padlocks available — hardened, triple plated steel bodies resist break-in attempts, corrosion, rust and debris while the stainless steel double ball locking mechanism further assures the lock’s strength and performance. Hardened boron alloy shackles offer superior protection against cutting, while serrated cylinder pins resist picking.

Types To Choose From:

  • Hidden Shackle Padlocks
  • Maximum Security Padlocks
  • Round Body Padlocks
  • Shrouded Padlocks
  • Rectangular Padlocks
  • Non-Rekeyable Padlocks
  • Tubular Cylinder Padlocks
  • Blade Cylinder Padlocks

Custom marking:

To customize your locks, you can laser engrave up to six areas on your brass, aluminum or Weatherbuilt padlocks. Engrave your company logo or any alphanumeric characters for safety lockout purposes, employee or department identification or company or institutional/school branding.Keys can also be hard stamped to include up to eight characters such as a name or key number; which works well on job sites.

Securing your commercial job facility or construction site isn't limited to locks themselves, Texas Safe & Lock offers a full line of high quality, high security door hardware to compliment the lock systems.

Texas Safe & Lock stocks large quantities, offers competitive pricing, and will install the hardware anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. So, if you need the best locksmith service, and you need it now, then call Texas Safe & Lock at 469-467-7233, and you will be provide the best security at very affordable prices.