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Safe Lift from Hollon Safe

Safe Moving Equipment For Home & Business

Texas Safe & Lock - Features Hollon Safe Lift Do you have a safe in your home or business? If your answer is yes, then we have a new line of products you need to be aware of. The next time you relocate please consider the purchase of using safe moving equipment. Hollon Safe has introduced a brand new line of safe moving equipment called the Safe Lift. This is the only affordable way to move safes by using two dollies equipped with hydraulic jacks. If you have older equipment, please call us today at Texas Safe & Lock and let us educate you on the latest safe moving equipment the industry has to offer. Today we are teaching about this new Safe Lift from Hollon; so let's get started.

Who is Hollon Safe? Strength in Design is the first issue Hollon tells you about all their products.

Each Hollon safe is designed to the top of our industries standards and then a little higher to ours. We maintain one of the highest standards of design and durability in the industry. From our experience we have learned to design a safe for durability. This attention to quality combined with our extensive product testing insures the durability of Hollon products.

Safe Lift Model # FM180A: (Please note limited quantities apply)

The new Safe Lift from Holland Safe is quite unique. This high strength ratchet system ties the two dollies together allowing the safe to roll anywhere on a smooth surface. This is great. The Safe Lift also has a steering handle bar for navigation tight corners to avoid damaging walls and doorways.  Safe Lift is rated for 3000 lbs. capacity which gives it a huge edge over similar models that carry only half that weight.

Additional Benefits:

  • This FM180A Model Equipment is rated to hold 3000 lbs. Much sturdier then other models and brands.
  • Safe Lift includes a 1 year warranty.
  • Sold in one set only this includes two transport units with hydraulic lift and bulit-in securing straps.
  • Strap length 15 feet.
  • Steering handles for direct wheel control.
  • Load is easily transported and exactly positioned.

Now to Operation: Position lifting plates underneath item to be moved, Tension securing straps. Lift item on both sides to equal height and move.

Technical specification: Support rails with protective covering. Powder coated finish. Heavy duty wheels with ball bearings. Non-marking polyurethane wheels suitable for carpeted flooring.

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