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Cash Management Commercial & Residential

Texas Safe & Lock Cash Management SafesThis month's focus is safes here at Texas Safe & Lock in the greater Dallas area. We agree with Fireking in saying "If it’s important enough to put in a safe, we have the right product for you." Residential, Commercial, and Cash Management are just the tip of the iceberg if you will when it comes to keeping items safe.

If you are at home or at the office, one thing is for certain; your valuables need protection. Meilink FireKing safes offer the highest levels of vital security. These quality products are  able to protect even your most important assets. In fact, in order to help you deter external theft, reduce cash shrinkage, increase cash flow and protect your crucial assets, this complete product line includes some of the finest cash management safes, commercial safes and residential safes in the industry.  

The latest technology designed to provide top levels of protection for your all your important items. Whether you operate a cash-intensive retail business, run a commercial operation where key documents are critical or just want to safeguard the important paperwork and files you keep at home, we have the safe designed just for your purposes. What’s more, we have the kinds of security solutions you can count on, backed by the heritage of innovation reflected in our brands.

Texas Safe & Lock wants to ask you if you know which type of safe you’re looking for? If you are unsure, then call on us here at Texas Safe & Lock to help you choose the appropriate solution for all your safe needs...

Fireking has cash management safes that are perfect for retail environments where cash is constantly handled and kept on site, commercial safes that include everything from standard safes to under-counter safes and residential safes that offer business-grade security in your home. These safes are designed to protect everything from key documents to business cash, these security products provide the extra protection that can make all the difference in your commercial or residential location. Our team here at Texas Safe & Lock can speak with you about your specific situation and needs, and assist you in choosing the right security product for your application. No matter what you choose, when you buy from FireKing, one of the worlds leading manufacturers, you know you’ll be getting a top-quality security device.

Historically, Meilink/Fireking has been in business for more than five decades. A nationally recognized leader in security products; they began making fireproof files in 1951 and since then have grown into a broad-based security and asset protection company with a wide range of offerings. Each product the manufacture comes with the assurance of innovative design, seamless integration, expert installation and exceptional customer service if needed...

If you want to gain peace of mind in the knowledge that your assets are secure in a Fireking safe, contact us here at Texas Safe & Lock today. A simple call or a visit to our showroom means you will  learn more and to get started placing a commercial or residential safe at your site!

Texas Safe & Lock has huge selections of new and used high-security safes for the home and business environment on display. Come in to the showroom where the experienced staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right safe for your particular needs.

At Texas Safe & Lock, you can see a full range of safes and review their various features. Learn the difference between mechanical and electronic access, fire and burglary ratings, and bolt down options. Choose from the top names in the industry like Gardall, Amsec and Meilink. Once you have chosen your safe, Texas Safe & Lock will be happy to deliver and install your safe in the Dallas/Fort Worth area Texas Safe & Lock sells new and used floor safes as well as cash safes.

Texas Safe & Lock provides residential, commercial, automotive locksmith services, safe and vault sales and service, and 24-hour emergency lock-out service, for the entire DFW Metroplex. Call 469-467-7233 24/7 for immediate service!


  • Gain peace of mind in the knowledge that your assets are secure in one of our safes.
  • Cash Management Safes
  • Commercial Safes
  • Residential Safes
  • Safety and security for your vital assets.

Cash management, cash security and the protection of your vital documents, records or other assets, are all integral parts of achieving success in your business. It makes sense, then, to take precautions against some of the issues facing operators of cash-intensive retail business or commercial environments, including cash shrinkage, burglary, and inefficient cash handling practices. To help you become proactive with an effective security strategy, we offer a full range of products, from small traditional safes to complete cash-management solutions, all supported by our 24/7 expert customer service.