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Community Platform Puts Users in Control of IP Video Compatibility

Texas Safe & Lock - Genius Vision NVR Community

Date: 2016-05-23 - Turn your webcam, mobile phone, and your home PC to a full-fledged IP/CCTV system.

Educate: Texas Safe & Lock clients, is this something you would use for your own home setting? The ability to monitor your home, storage facility, garage, workshop or ??? from a remote location?  Explore for yourselves this new technology released this May for camera users to utilize IP video the way they have wanted to...Genius Vision, the world-leading IP video software developer, has come up with a nifty collaborative solution that’s set to make IP video more accessible to all users.

Community Platform is Genius Vision’s exciting cross-compatibility project, which encourages IP video users all over the world to share the parameters and settings for successful IP video connection. With many IP video products specifically produced to work with a limited range of software, this dynamic solution utilizes the power of collaboration and helps users to use IP video in the way they’ve always wanted, without cross-compatibility barriers.

CY Ing, President of Genius Vision, says, “Community Platform is really a ground-breaking project that’s leveraging the power of user collaboration to solve problems. When users stumble on a successful combination of parameters that gets one of their cameras working, they can upload their settings to the platform to share with other frustrated IP video camera users around the world.”

 IP video cameras are growing in popularity because of their supposed functionality and flexibility. Thousands of consumers are now using these cameras to keep watch over their homes and businesses when they’re not present, making the most of features like real-time reporting, high-resolution and secure transmission. This is the hope of everyone with a smart phone right. In the past, unfortunately, the flexibility of these cameras is compromised by cross-compatibility barriers. The cameras and software from different brands can differ in the smallest details; even if two cameras support RTSP video streaming, the slightest tweaks in the settings can mean they’re totally incompatible with NVR software.

CY adds, “There are so many barriers for the initiated when it comes to IP video – and we want to remove those barriers and make this video solution more accessible to all. Using Community Platform, it’s simple to upload accurate settings and download settings for your particular product model or NVR software version, so you can use IP video in the way you’ve always wanted to.”

This new platform comes with a full toolkit which supports RTSP, ONVIF and Generic Camera modes, as well as motion detection, relay control functions and alarm input features. By leveraging the power of data sharing, users can set up their IP video system exactly how they want it, without worrying about cross-compatibility or barriers set up by manufacturers to force consumers into buying more of their brand products.

For more information about Genius Vision’s Community Platform, visit the website: https://geniusvision.net/ 

Watch this YouTube video for full details about Community Platform: https://youtu.be/iQ8fPu9Clgw

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