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ABUS Diskus Is A Win

ABUS Diskus 24IB/50 wins "Best on Test Award"

AdobeStock 80449079Texas Safe & Lock here in the North Texas region wants to show you the latest and greatest padlocks for 2016.  Boat owners here in the Texoma Region who need state of the art locks, padlocks, and shackle making type products hit high marks with Practical Boat Owner magazine this past month. Remember to ask about our floating keys as well...

The ABUS Diskus 24IB/50 was one of the twelve padlocks tested by 'Practical Boat Owner' magazine with padlocks supplied by online specialist Nothing But Padlocks. The PBO tests were conducted to determine the "best padlock" for marine environments, taking account of cost, corrosion, strength, durability and consequent security.

The full test can be seen on line at www.pbo.co.uk The padlocks were placed in a saltwater spray tank for a month to simulate a year of normal use, then removed and tested with keys for function and examined externally for corrosion and rust. Once passing this test the padlocks were then attacked with 18" bolt croppers to determine a level of time attack resistance.

The Diskus 24IB padlock passed all tests with honours. Remaining unaffected by corrosion in the salt tank, it then proved to be extremely difficult to attack with bolt croppers. Eventually a hacksaw had to be used to remove the padlock, taking a total of 8 minutes, far surpassing any competitors' products. The Diskus 24IB is described by PBO as "optimum protection due to its shape which minimises the visible shackle making it harder to attack" and "it was unaffected by corrosion in the tank and proved very difficult to break in".

ABUS 'Diskus' trademark padlocks, available from the PBO prize winning 24IB/50mm through to the ultimate 26/90mm, feature 360° protection due to unique seam welding technology, with keyed alike and master key options, and sophisticated corrosion free locking systems offering maximum security for every application.

The Diskus 24IB range offers extreme corrosion resistance with 100% stainless steel body, inner parts and shackle, and on 60mm< a cylinder cover to offer maximum protection against dirt and moisture. The 24IB/50 has an RRP of £17.72, making this 100% stainless steel range of padlocks the ideal choice for any marine/outdoor environment offering extreme corrosion and break in resistance all at a reasonable price.

For further information on ABUS security solutions please contact us.  For over 35 years, Texas Safe & Lock has provided professional locksmiths services for the entire Dallas Ft. Worth region. The most important part of our job is that you understand who we are, what we do, and type of services we provide. Bearing that in mind, you may want to know what a professional trained locksmith is & what a security professional actually does.

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