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Texas Safe & Lock - Lock ReviewsSo you have a new place and you need to know how safe are the locks... Here are some thoughts from the professionals before you buy. Armed with that basic knowledge, after reading this article and contacting us with questions, you will be ready to purchase your new locks with us...

Our staff here at Texas Safe & Lock and put together some ideas on locks out there for your consideration. Some are the most popular and some are new intriguing technology like smart door locks, and some we have featured in our News section in months past.

Take a quick look and see which of these mentioned below may be right for your home. If you have questions, we are only a phone call away and a qualified member of our staff is standing by right now. Call us today for your Residential, Commercial & Auto Lock & Safe Services 469-467-7233, Serving the Dallas Area since 1978,

If you’re considering buying a smart door lock, let Texas Safe and Lock review your options. There are two main types available: locks that connect to your home Internet connection via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-only locks. Wi-Fi locks offer more functions  but are inherently less safe because they’re always connected to the Internet. Bluetooth-only locks offer more security, but at the expense of features. Remember Bluetooth also tends to cause a lot of minor but annoying lag in the unlocking process if you are in a hurry.

  • August Smart Lock - The August Smart Lock is a very  popular lock option currently available. It’s smart enough to know when you’re coming and going, knowing not to unlock the door if you’re passing by it inside your house. While the base August lock is Bluetooth only, the optional connect adds on Wi-FI like remote buzz ins, and real time unlock alerts. Powered by 4AA Batteries, battery alerts are sent to the phone when needed. As of January 2015, it also works tihe Nest and is certified. The August Smart Lock, which replaces your current deadbolt lock, is currently available in your choice of Dark Grey, August Red, Champagne and Silver colors.
  • Lockitron Bolt - The Lockitron Bolt is the least expensive smart door lock on our list. The Bluetooth-only lock, which replaces your existing deadbolt lock, offers the basics, sensing your approach and automatically unlocking for you when you arrive home. It’s a really great option for renters, as the physical lock’s setting can be easily matched to any key. You can add on the optional Lockitron Bridge for Wi-Fi functionality. This allows the device to deliver real time unlockg alerts. The Lockitron Bolt will be available in Satin Nickel and Polished Brass finishes as a public beta device when the preview device launches later this month. A production variants will be available in various finishes later this year.
  • Goji Smart Lock - Truly packed with features, the Goji Smart Lock has its own on-lock welcome screen. The Goji works both via Bluetooth for smartphone and fob proximity unlocking and via Wi-Fi for remote control functionality. And extremely helpful if you get locked out, without your phone, Goji maintains a customer service call center for lockout requests. Each Goji comes with 4 electronic keys and 2 mechanical backup keys. The Goji Smart Lock is  available in Silver, Gold and Copper finishes.
  • Haven - Haven is a different lock, and is anchored to the base of your front door, its strongest point. It acts as a mechanical barrier to entry, released via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There’s also a physical footplate that can release the lock in an emergency. Haven is compatible with the Nest thermostat (Works with Nest) and Apple HomeKit,
  • Kwikset SmartKey - Have you heard yet about the Kwikset SmartKey? Kwikset’s new technology in this lock is really going the distance. By proving itself not only to be the most secure, but also giving an added value by allowing you to re-key the lock easily, it is fast becoming the best way to secure doors, sheds, boats, bikes and the like. Since last years,  Kwikset has done an excellent job in upgrading this once questionalbe lock and now rates by many as the best lock on the market for its class. One stipulation however, if you already have this lock on your door, and it’s older than a year or two, I would hurry and buy a new one, to make sure you get a lock without the old flaws.
  • Kwikset SmartKey Logo - The Schlage deadbolt, and most new Schlage locks are excellent new technology if you want a classic pin-tumbler lock. Many locksmiths are reporting that they don't seem to be able to compromise these locks by picking or raking drilling. The sturdy, bigger bolt makes it very difficult to open, and drilling is only with specifics used.
    In a close second place, comes the Schlage deadbolt. The new Schlage locks are excellent.
  • Defiant Locks -   Defiant locks are making significant improvements over the last few years. They may not be the best thing to use for security, but they are hard to pick and take time; which is usually a great deterrent for most hurry and get in vandals.

The article in This Old House points out rightly, as long as there have been door locks, people have been losing keys. This is why combination locks have been around for almost as long. Leave it to the digital technology revolution for today's manufacturers to come up with keyless systems that are truly simple and convenient to use. These high tech systems first appeared in the 1980s by hotels and other security-minded businesses, keyless locks — such as digital keypads, magnetic cards, and remote-controlled deadbolts. In the last few years after much testing and prestige, they have exploded onto the home, commercial and auto markets.

Here at Texas Safe & Lock we believe each home, institution, garage, industrial setting and commercial use are individual and have specific needs. A closer examination by a professional locksmith may be the best way for you to make the best decision for what to purchase. Call us today to help educate you on what you need. We know the products out there, and we know the questions to ask you about what you have need of. Combine the 2 and we have a full proof way to be sure you are making the decision to purchase with all the facts.

Texas Safe & Lock should be your first and only call for locksmith services in Dallas.

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