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Things You Should Know

Texas Safe & Lock - Licensed Locksmiths In DallasTexas Safe & Lock is here to help you maintain the integrity of your home, business, property, institution or community from outside entry without permission by providing quality locksmith services. Texas Safe and Lock can inspect and let you know about ways to upgrade of old technology if your budget permits. If you have concerns regarding the level of protection you expect then we can help make sure that is what you have. Don't be fooled, there are many illegal scams out there designed to just make money and not provide you with the level of service you need.

Keeping your property yours, and making sure the bad guys are outside is our business and has been for over 35 years. Did you know that there are locks out there with no keys? Some that use fingerprint technology to open, and there are even those that send a signal to open remotely. Frankly, it's time you call us today and let us access your locks and explain your options.

For over 35 years, Texas Safe & Lock has provided professional locksmith services for the entire Dallas Ft. Worth region. The most important part of our job is that you understand who we are, what we do, and type of services we provide, and that we are a legitimate company with insurance and proper locksmith credentials... Bearing that in mind, you may want to know what a professional trained locksmith is & what a security professional actually does. Texas Safe & Lock should be your first and only call for locksmith services in Dallas.

Avoid Locksmith Scams:

  • Don't wait until you're locked out at night in the cold to contact a legitimate locksmith here in Dallas and North Texas. Know ahead of time who you'd call, should you ever have a need for this kind of service. And keep that number in your phone, wallet, purse and car.
  • Number one is to confirm the address on their ad or website. Try to find on Google and other directory listings customer reviews.
  • Don't wait till you need them before calling them; call them simply to learn a few things: 1) Where are their technicians based? 2) Are they licensed? 3) What is the registered name of the business? If at this point you don't get good vibes from them, end the transaction. Otherwise, then ask about their preliminary cost estimate. An unbelievably low quote (like $20) probably means a scam or hidden costs.
  • If a locksmith you call answers with a generic name such as "locksmith services," be suspicious. If they can't give a specific business name, move on.
  • Before you hire a locksmith, inform the dispatcher you need to see the technician's certification and ID, and that you would like a written estimate prior to the service.
  • Before having them come out,  get information about any extra charges such as for mileage, service call minimums or emergency hours.
  • Check the locksmith's vehicle; it should be marked, and get the license number.
  • Ask to see the actual locksmith license. The following states require locksmiths to be licensed: Alabama, California, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas.
  • If the locksmith insists on cash, this may mean a scam.
  • If the technician won't give a written estimate before starting the job, end the transaction.
  • If the onsite estimate doesn't match the phone estimate, do not permit the job to be performed.
  • If he says, "The lock needs to be drilled out," ask why, because a professional locksmith should have the skills and tools to unlock just about any door.
  • Don't pay until you're satisfied with the job.

Texas Safe & Lock provides licensed, insured residential, commercial, automotive locksmith services, safe and vault sales and service, and 24-hour emergency lock-out service, for the entire DFW Metroplex. Call 469-467-7233 24/7 for immediate service! Watch out for scams out there...

Additionally, Texas Safe & Lock is available answer your call around the clock; 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Including weekends and holidays! Texas Safe & Lock is completely committed to serving our Dallas/Fort Worth area customers with prompt, reliable and exceptional service. Please don’t hesitate to call Texas Safe & Lock anytime for all of your locksmith needs, big or small.

Come visit our full service showroom and service center located at 1111 Jupiter Rd, Suite 110A, in Plano Texas. We have a wide variety of locks, safes, keys, and security related products for your home or office.