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Lock Inspections Are Totally EffectiveBegin 2012 With Best Accepted Standards For Your Home

It’s 2012, and another year has gone by so fast right. When was the last time you thought about your home or commercial security? Did you realize that home security is one of the most important and sometimes overlooked issues that all people may face? For all Dallas and Metroplex cities in Texas, we understand that most renters, homeowners and business owners alike will have to contend with some type of security this year. Here at Texas Safe & Lock, we don't want you to have to worry about it.

Does your business have a stand alone building or do you share office space? Are you single, married, or have children or roommates? Does someone live with you? How many keys to your doors are out there since you last changes the locks? Do all your windows lock? Does your home or office security lock work correctly? If you feel concern about any of these questions, it’s possible the less secure your home of office is, the less safe you and everyone else may be. Let’s consider your home or business location for a moment. If you're like most people you have objects and possessions you have acquired over many years and enjoy using and playing with, working on and showing off, or have locked in a safe place. If it’s an office, you may have computers, printers, and routers which can not be quickly replaced and the last thing you would want is for anything to be stolen or damaged beyond repair. Theft crime is on the rise in many cities across the nation, and being prepared to deal with keeping a thief outside your home or business is the best prevention.

Theft is one of the worst crimes that can befall a North Texas resident and it will most definitely make one feel less protected but even worse than theft, could be the possibility of violence and other unspeakable crimes that can occur during a break-in. Contemplate how you might feel if you were a prime target and hadn’t done all you could to hinder a thief. Here at Texas Safe & Lock, we believe that you must make sure that your home or office gives the appearance of a well cared for and secure building. The end result means not only be difficult for some to make attempts at criminal behavior, but also is a well defended and secure place because you took proper precautions.

Texas Safe & Lock understands one of the most effective things you can do to deter those who look for homes and business’ to rob is to keep your landscaping in the best shape you can. Next is make sure all your locks on doors and windows are up to speed for the possible attempt. If you have valuable items that are not currently under lock and key or a safe, then read on. Think about this for a minute. By letting your landscaping grow from well maintained trees, shrubbery and grass to a unkept and untrimmed landscape, you are inviting the potential for problems. The first major issue with your landscaping not only looking uncared for, but growing uncontrollably is that you might be creating perfect hiding places for someone to enter your home.

Something you can do to help is to plant trees and shrubbery that will be unwelcome to those trying to hide in them. Say holly with stickers for instance, or roses with thorns may be sticky and hurt, but they do grow on some beautiful foliage and by planting them close to access areas you will be able to know that no one will want to rest inside of them for long periods of time. Make sure not to overplant to decrease visibility. Sun screens also can provide poor visibility into a home or business even if the lights are on. A potential robber is often looking for something valuable, what they can’t see, they are likely to move on to find.

Along with well maintained properties, you may want to consider highly visible home and office security measures that can be installed. Signage that is highly visible for your security company, exterior wiring to the windows, visible cameras at entry points, lots of lighting around the exterior walls and doorways. Deadbolts, and extra door locks can be effective deterrents to someone just passing by on the hope they could get lucky and get in without much problem.

If you are not sure if what you have in place is current, state of the art, and in proper working order; and will help deter a potential crime, please call us here at Texas Safe and Lock. We are licensed professional locksmiths, and can provide you information on proper home and office protection here in the North Dallas region. We can review your current locks, doors, safes and security features, analyze their condition, and ask to perform any repairs that might be necessary. Peace of mind is very important this day and time, and Texas Safe and Lock can help.

Call us today 469-467-7233, The skilled locksmiths at Texas Safe & Lock can also troubleshoot any lock related questions or concerns you may have. We can identify and solve locksmith issues quickly and affordably. Most importantly, Texas Safe & Lock is available for any type of locksmith emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, even on weekends and holidays! Best of all, the expert locksmiths from Texas Safe & Lock show up quickly to any call in the Dallas/Fort Worth area within about 30 minutes.